Social Responsibility

Kritomeli’s response to community expectations is guided by its corporate responsibility policy. This presupposes commitment, adoption and implementation of principles and values based on international norms and standards in four basic areas. These areas are as follows: a) Environmental sustainability, with regard to reduction of our environmental footprint, recycling etc; b) Society and local communities, c) Human resources, with regard to workers' rights, equal opportunities, and human rights, and d) The market, with regard to transparency, reliability, pricing, and compliance with the rules of competition.

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Reliability is Kritomeli’s intangible asset. This is becoming increasingly important to the prestige, reputation and image of production and processing companies in today's competitive environment. A reputation for reliability is gained primarily through continued improvement of the quality and consistency of products and services. It depends on good labour relations, prudent governance, and sound business financing. Transparency, honest corporate communications, and social and environmental responsibility are also important.



Protecting the environment and reducing our environmental footprint is central to Kritomeli’s corporate development strategy. Top priorities for our business are the protection of natural resources and the minimisation of energy and raw materials consumption. In general, our aim is to eliminate environmental impact through pollution control and to ensure energy conservation through adoption of new technologies.



For Kritomeli, quality is a core value and something we constantly strive for. Quality control is exercised over all the products we market and the services associated with them. We aim for quality in all aspects of information, customer service and reliability. Quality is also governed by standards and regulations and may require certification of products or processes.


Innovation / R&D

Innovation is a goal for Kritomeli in both the productive and commercial sectors. Innovation is a top priority and a vital prerequisite for remaining competitive and strong in the face of domestic and international competition. At the core of our research and development strategy is a focus on continuous improvement in all aspects production. These parameters include both cost and quality, as well as prompt delivery and organisation in general. Innovation begins with ideas, experimentation and testing, and is achieved through ongoing investment in improvements.