Seasonal Honey Consumption

·         THYME: a honey harvested in summer, is flavourful and aromatic. It leaves a slight burning sensation in the throat has antimicrobial properties for the body (best consumed from September to March).


·         PINE & THYME: harvested in summer. This honey has excellent organoleptic properties, a really “explosive” tonic for your system. Very strongly flavoured as the mix of flavours is set entirely by the bees’ preferences for different pollens. It has particularly beneficial effects when consumed raw or with ground cinnamon, (best consumed from October to April).


·         PINE: a honey mainly harvested in spring and autumn, with a powerful, intense flavour. 100% authentic and free from any form of pesticide, this honey is just what the human body needs for cold days and is particularly good for colds (best consumed from November to April).


·         BLOSSOM: harvested in spring, from a combination of blossoms, the flavour varies from region to region. It is mainly used to make sweets, cakes and beverages as it highlights the scents and flavours (best consumed from September to March).


·         HEATHER: mainly harvested in spring and autumn, this honey has a particularly intense flavour and is “pure medicine” for the body. It is recommended for herbal teas and for spreading on bread (best consumed from October to February).


·         ORANGE BLOSSOM: a honey harvested in spring, flavourful and highly aromatic. It is mainly spread on toast or bread and butter, or used in cakes (best consumed from May to September).


·         CHESTNUT: a summer-harvested honey, produced from the nectar and honeydew secretions of chestnut trees which are considered excellent for apiculture. Chestnut honey is highly viscous with a very individual taste and an intense scent of chestnut flowers (best consumed from November to January).


·         MALOTIRA: a honey harvested in summer, this has an exceptional taste and is the product of a flowering plant unique to the rocky areas of Crete (the Madares in the White Mountains of Chania, and Mount Psiloritis). It is delicious on toasted bread, with walnuts, with soft goat cheese and with Greek soft fresh white ‘anthotiro’ whey cheese, ‘manouri’ cream cheese, and feta. It is especially good in hot beverages and is a perfect remedy for sore throats (best consumed from October to February).

*All types of honey can, of course, be consumed at any time, we just wanted to point out when each variety of honey has the maximum flavour.