Kritomeli was founded in 2015. The company made significant investments in primary production of bee-keeping products and developed corresponding production units all over the island of Crete.

However, the company’s largest investment was made in personnel with knowledge and experience in the field. In this way the company was able to build on solid foundations to become a leading manufacturer of apiculture products.

In 2016, Kritomeli began distributing products on the Greek market under its own brand name. The company used pioneering methods of presentation and communication with consumers. It was able to achieve broad market recognition and acceptance thanks to the quality and authenticity of its products.

The company continues to move forward with ongoing investment in modern production and packaging equipment. On the basis of its decisive entry into the manufacturing sector, it is able to broaden its market presence even further.

Today, we are working towards establishing Kritomeli as a hive of development and an ambassador for authentic Cretan apiculture products in Greece and abroad.