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Kritomeli products

The complete range of Kritomeli prepackaged items offers consumers the opportunity to sample unique varieties of Cretan honey. Our line of beekeeping products are all designed and created on the basis of our commitment to authenticity: “Kritomeli... Eat Real Honey! With authentic varieties of honey from Crete. Straight from the hive!”

The varieties available include the famous Cretan PINE & THYME honey, as well as single-variety MALOTIRA (unique mountain tea), THYME, HEATHER, CHESTNUT, ORANGE BLOSSOM, PINE, and fragrant WILDFLOWER honey in 960g and 480g containers for every category, with additional squeeze packaging for fragrant WILDFLOWER honey in 500gr and 250gr containers.

This distinctive product line is completed by three (3) more special varieties of honey in 400g packs: WILDFLOWER HONEY with ROYAL JELLY, WILDFLOWER HONEY with whole pieces of pure natural HONEYCOMB, and 450g and 230gr packs of our one and only Greek HONEY PIE containing genuine honeycomb, straight from the hive to the consumer's table.

These packaged items are complemented by other honeycomb byproducts, such as therapeutic PROPOLIS TINCTURE in 20ml packs, FRESH FLOWER POLLEN in packs of 200g and ROYAL JELLY in 10g packs.


Pine & Thyme

Malotiras - Mountain Tea





Orange Blossom

Wildflower Squeeze

Wildflower Honey with Honeycomb

Μέλι με Κηρήθρα – Πλαϊνή όψη

Wildflower Honey with Royal Jelly

Honeycomb 1

Honeycomb 2


Propolis Tincture

Royal Jelly